Bridge-building for a new Paradigm

We are a Transformative Design and Do-Tank.

We create projects and innovation in support of climate resilience, peace and sustainability.

We join science with art and entrepreneurship to restore our balance with nature.

Stories of change expand into concrete action and collaboration.

Announcement – StoryTex is the new Paititi Lab

Paititi Lab has been re-named StoryTex. – Textile and the idea of weaving and interweaving have become more important in our work and collaborations for the past years. The core mission – Interweaving Nature and People for Transformation and Sustainability – stays the same. Though StoryTex has a clearer focus about the how and what in a material sense (film, textile) and a metaphorical sense (co-design, creative consulting). We are currently updating our webpage, creating a new logo and a feel to convey our message and show you some of the fabrics and weaving work we have already done.

Stay tuned!

Create bridges

Between people, cultures and different mind-sets… Between experts and the public…to increase access to knowledge, awareness and collaboration.


to Re-frame stories

Building a positive mindset and creative solution-finding…to touch hearts and minds… through learning experiences and prototypes for change.


and Manifest

Through collaboration with partners in the field…Designing “for” the future not against the past Keeping an eye on scale and documenting impacts.


Story Tex

StoryTex is a transformative design-tank and a network of entrepreneurial minds and hands collaborating under the same label. Beside a team of co-creators and curators, we appoint partners and coalitions for each one of our projects. This allows us to constantly expand our weaving practice and inclusion of like-mined people working for the same cause. We speak and work in English, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese. In all our projects we apply a Gender Quota of 50% women in key positions.

Story Tex GmbH

Gladbachstrasse 83, 8044 Zurich – Switzerland – Phone / Whatsapp: (+41) 78 629 70 37


El Gran Paititi

This is where it all started with StoryTex: In the Amazon, where we started to collaborate and build bridges between local communities and urban supporter for a climate-resilient and forest-friendly economy building a seed project, which is now being implemented by Oncas Amazonia.